Monday, June 6, 2011

Tramadol Provides Extreme Cancer Pain

Tramadol is a drug which is generally prescribed by doctors when the patients experience any kind of pain in their body due to different reasons. Tramadol Pain Medication is also done, when there is any kind of pain in the body due to fatal illnesses like cancer.

Tramadol Pain Relief is usually provided by binding the opioid receptors inside the brain. These receptors are usually responsible for transmitting the pain sensitivity through the body, and Tramadol Pain Medication relives the body from this paining sensation. One can buy Tramadol for providing relief to the patients who are suffering from cancer. Two different categories of Tramadol Pain Medication are usually done for treating cancer patients. Short acting Tramadol and Long acting Tramadol are the two types of medicine. The shorter ones are used for immediate relief and the longer ones are used for round the clock pain relief.

Tramadol plays the role of increasing the levels of norepinephrine and serotonin, which reduces the body's ability to detect pain. The effects of the different tramadols are different from each other. While short acting tramadols have an effect of 3 to 4 hours and the longer acting models keep the pain subsided for as long as 24 hours approximately. One can also buy Tramadol for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. For the shorter acting ones, Tramadol Pain relief can be provided by having a tablet of 50 mg. The longer acting tablets come at different doses like 100 mg, 200 mg or 300 mg. The extended tablets should be had as a whole, and not by chewing or splitting it, for better

Tramadol Pain relief. After you Buy Tramadol it should be taken according to the guidelines of the doctor, to avoid any side effects of the medication. Wrong dosage of Tramadol can lead to serious damages of the body including death. Tramadol should be avoided by would be mothers as well as breast feeding mothers. Usage of Tramadol in this period is not safe, as it can lead to complications inside the baby. Excessive usage of the medicine may lead to dependency, hence it is better not to use the drug without the consultation of the doctor. Some temporary side effects like nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, itching, etc can be seen sometimes due to usage of Tramadol. Overdose of Tramadol may also lead to neurological disorders within the patient leading to thoughts of suicide or similar things.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Very Own Tramadol Experience!

Usually when you hear of someone taking opioid pain-relievers you do not expect a happy ending. But that is not always the case and this is why I feel like I need to tell my part of the story. Far from being just another story, I am convinced that anyone listening to what I have to say will understand better the consequences of taking medication like Tramadol and learn certain precautions. After all, there is nothing better than leading a long and healthy existence.

My Tramadol experience is not dramatic, nor something predictable. I took it simply because I need something to relieve the pain after being involved in a car accident. The injuries I had suffered were not serious but I was left with a pain in the right shoulder that did not go away, not even after three months. At the recommendation of the doctor I had undergone multiple tests, including a CT scan and diverse X-rays. They all turned out to be perfectly fine and the cause of the pain was left unidentified.

I was to present to the doctor for routine check-ups, take the medication as prescribed and see how it goes. The dosage of Tramadol was settled somewhere around 75 mgs/day and I was more than pleased to have the pain under control. I went back to work, returned to an active life and kept on hoping that there was some way to escape the treatment, that they will eventually discover the cause for my pain. In the meantime, the dose was increased to 100 mg/day and I was more than conscious that I could call myself a person dependent on pain-relieving medication.

Surrounded by a loving family and close friends, I started to consider other possibilities. Looking on the Internet, I found a clinic in Austria that had performed intensive studies on patients taking Tramadol and published their findings. They were welcoming other patients as well and there it was: another possibility. It is not easy to take such a decision but I had to do something. Arriving at the medical clinic in Graz, one of the most important cities in Austria, I was immediately enlisted for clinical trials and it was discovered that I needed a higher Dosage of Tramadol. I felt the need to ask if a higher dose won’t make me even more of an addict and the answer was yes but things were kept under control.

During a period of one month, I experienced all of the symptoms everyone mentioned regarding Tramadol and which I never believed to be true. Sweating, nausea, vomiting, headaches, chest pains, insomnia and crossness were just of the few that were more intense but they almost all of them intensified at some moment. Further tests – angiography - revealed that the pain in my shoulder was in fact caused by a tiny lesion in the brachial plexus, affecting one of the major nerves passing near the glenoid capsule and that surgical intervention was indeed a solution.

By discussing with the doctor back home (on the phone) and also with the specialists at the clinic I agreed to undergo the operation they suggested and hoped for full recovery. The intervention lasted somewhere around two hours and the doctors announced me that they had repaired the damage. I was to remain on Tramadol for few more weeks, the dose continuing to decrease until I had completely healed from surgery.

What I want everyone to understand is that I took Tramadol when I needed it and that at no moment I exceeded the dosage prescribed. I never had the behavior of an addict or went so far to consider taking it as my only priority. I sought medical assistance when I felt it to be necessary and luckily for me I had the support of family and friends. The experience has taught me that being healthy and strong is the most important thing in life just like having someone there for you. I recommend Tramadol despite the many critics and potential side effects but please, take it as prescribed and not as you consider!

A guide to Tramadol pain medication!

Tramadol is a pain relief medication made by man. This medication is the generic version of Ultram. This synthetic analgesic medication binds to receptors in the brain that are essential in transmitting the sensation of pain from all over the body. Tramadol is usually prescribed to cure moderate to moderately severe pain. Belonging to opiate agonists category, this medication is not a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and does not pose any ill effects like stomach ulceration and internal bleeding that comes with NSAIDs.

People are recommended extended prescription of Tramadol in case of severe chronic pain who need regular treatment for getting relief. Tramadol pain medication dosage can be determined properly and accurately from your doctor and never try to be your own doctor as that may result in side effects to your health.

Tramadol is Available in different release formulations like 50 mg, 100mg, 200 mg or 300 mg. The correct dosage for your condition will only be determined by your doctor. Intake of Tramadol pill in the right manner is important. It should not be chewed or crushed otherwise it will pose an ill effect onto your health. It has been noted that people have found a habit of taking Tramadol so it may be habit forming. This happens when you take the pill more than its usual prescription. However you may also witness some withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking the medication at once. So it is really important to cease its use slowly. The same applies if you are beginning to take tramadol for the first time, always take it slow and see how your body reacts to the medication.

The intake of Tramadol may cause reactions in your body by mixing with other medications that you may already be taking. For instance Carbamazepine reduces the impact of Tramadol. Besides this, the medication if mixed with some other substances can lead to disturbed nervous system and respiratory depression. It is advisable for pregnant women not to use this medication. According to the experts Tramadol is considered to be a good pain reliever. Some other temporary side effects like nausea, dizziness, constipation, headache, drowsiness and vomiting may occur in some people.

You can Buy Tramadol Online if you don’t have enough time to visit your crowded doctors’ place. There are several companies operating over the World Wide Web which are totally dedicated to providing Tramadol pain medications. This medication surely gives you pain relief and treats your pain successfully. To learn more about Tramadol, you can always refer to views and information present over the internet.